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Angie at a glance

Angie is a recipe developer, foodie Connoisseur, and an award-winning international Entertainment Publicist.  She has traveled the world undertaking interactive cooking classes and meeting people, learning their culture, and simply enjoying the experience of the creations they make together.​

She loves showing people just how fun and easy creating fresh and healthy food can be and offers tips & tricks to entice the senses in an effort to encourage people to get back to basics yet, expand their horizons beyond those one-minute foodie videos that remove the essence of home-crafted dishes.  she has pulled together some internationally pop cultured favorites along her journey's and infused them with many loved classics. In her workshops, she strives to create a fun and empowering environment through foodie education.

'Just amazing how happy people are when they leave Angie Mamma’s Kitchen!​​​"

Angie wants to share her love-affair with crafting culinary dishes and instructing others’ to re-love the kitchen by gathering friends, old and new around the most universal product that bonds folks together, leaving differences at the door and simply enjoying the love of home-crafted 'Home.Made SM' foods.  Thus began Angie Mamma's Kitchen, an interactive cooking workshop located in the heartbeat of the south, Atlanta, Georgia.


Because Our Stories really do begin in the kitchen




Luxury Jellies have been very fashionable for centuries and remain the crowning glories of the table.


Champagne Jelly is nothing new as it dates as far back as the late 18th century on tables of royalty and remains just as luxurious today.  

Great all by its self on a warm Croissants, but dressy enough to star on hors d'oeuvres platter along with sharp cheese, crisp crackers, sliced meats, and seasonal fruit, and is simply amazing on a classic PB&J sandwich!

Angie launched her line of luxury Champagne Jellies as a celebration during the journey and later,

the loss of her baby sister to Cancer. 


Her sister shared the same 'GLITTERY SPIRIT' and passion for the foodie-arts and both

reveled in the divine clean simplicity that is, this Jelly.

She’s proud to support world causes and touts the 'Home.Made SM' luxury nature of ' MADE IN AMAZING AMERICA'

Our Jellies are made with real award-winning champagne, fine caster sugar, pure fruit pectin & and other simple natural ingredients, handmade in small batches for purity. 

The flavor is lightly flirtatious and luxuriously self-indulgent,

and the texture of this translucent pink gel is transfixing.


You'll find nothing more decadent, this is why we feel every scoop feels like a celebration

to be shared with the ones' you love!

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Our Fancy Jars


 Our Stylish honey pot made with high quality Italian Glass, also known as L'Orcio/ Orcio Jars, give our product a specialty gourmet appeal.


The sides of the jar feature decorative upraised handles.

These L'Orcio pot jars have a lug finish, consistsing of several tapered ridges designed to mate with our smooth colored caps, and require a partial turn to seal. These glass jars are just perfect for housing our luxury jellies!


Although we searched the world for our fancy packaging, our luxury jellies are made in amazing America. 


Celebrating since 2017 


Our Fancy Box

Our Kraft (Brown) Corrugated durable Cardboard boxes in either the roll-end tuck-front with dust flaps (RETF) or standard square boxes, reflects our brand identity and bring our products to customers safe and sound.

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